Facilitate Access to Care Collaborate Across the Care Continuum Manage Financial Outcomes Understand Patient Population Practice Evidence-based Medicine Expand Reach Beyond Care Settings Deliver Patient-centered Care Address Non-medical Factors Adapt to Value Redesign Care Processes 01 Care Access 02 Collaboration 03 Patient-centered Care 04 Expanded Care 05 Evidence-based Medicine 06 Population Analysis 07 Financial Management 08 Non-medical Factors 09 Adapt To Value 10 Care Redesign 10 Care Redesign

Health Value Atlas

The Health Value Atlas is a conceptual framework that concisely lays out the multitude of organization-level capabilities (60 capabilities across 10 domains) necessary for success within a value-based healthcare system. Developed through an extensive literature review and with input from industry experts, the refreshed Health Value Atlas builds upon a previous version of the Atlas and enhances the relevance of this seminal resource. Together with the related organizational Health Value Atlas Assessment, these resources are intended to be used by healthcare leadership teams across the U.S. to identify, prioritize, and carry out value-based capability transformation.