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Health Value Atlas

Care Access

Facilitate Access to Care

Organizational capabilities related to making care more accessible

Note: Some organizational capabilities cross over to other domains. There may also be some degree of capability overlap with Health Equity Advancement, Continuous Quality Improvement, and Health Information Technology domains.

Adapt operating hours

Adapt hours of operation to meet population needs

Schedule appointments

Ensure care appointments are scheduled quickly and with minimal effort

Provide virtual services

Provide options for patients to receive services remotely

Facilitate transportation

Address patients’ transportation barriers to care

Provide home services

Deliver in-person care at home as appropriate

Locate conveniently

Prioritize geographic convenience for served populations

Co-locate providers

Share locations with additional provider types as appropriate

Leverage alternative providers

Use alternative provider types to increase available capacity

Support appropriate utilization

Preserve capacity by supporting appropriate patient services utilization

Minimize financial barriers

Minimize financial barriers to care for the patient

Manage referrals

Manage patient referrals and appointments between providers

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