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Health Value Atlas

Patient-Centered Care

Deliver Patient-centered Care

Organizational capabilities related to managing patient experience and engagement at a care setting

Note: Some organizational capabilities cross over to other domains. There may also be some degree of capability overlap with Health Equity Advancement, Continuous Quality Improvement, and Health Information Technology domains.

Engage patients

Engage patients in making informed decisions and participating in their own care

Educate patients

Educate patients about their health status and care

Design care around patients

Design care processes around patient needs and preferences

Involve patients in care design

Involve patients in organizational decision-making

Design for patient needs

Design care facilities around patient needs and preferences

Show respect and empathy

Demonstrate respect and empathy in patient interactions

Anticipate health needs

Anticipate and address unspoken or emerging health needs

Deliver team-based care

Deliver care in a collaborative and coordinated manner

Deliver consistent care

Deliver care in a predictable and replicable manner

Automate data access

Automate timely access to data within and from outside the organization

Exercise patient stewardship

Exercise active patient stewardship and attribution

Manage referrals

Manage patient referrals and appointments between providers

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